Marshallsfeedback — share your feedback

Satisfaction Survey provides company managers to understand what customers think about company’s products quality and service level. Quality of products and service level influence on customer’s satisfaction. If clients are unhappy, that mean something in company policy is wrong, so it’s necessary to solve this problem. Everyone, who visited Marshall stores, can share his opinion on It’s not important what type of feedback customer shares. It can be positive or negative — every feedback is indicator of company’s reputation. Companies with good reputation have mostly positive feedback, so it’s necessary to know what is wrong in company’s policy using people’s opinion.

Marshalls feedback is a great method to cooperate with customers using 21st century technologies. Nowadays, everyone uses smartphones and PCs with Internet connection, so Internet services are so popular now. You active customer position would help company to improve quality of products and service level. Active position should be rewarded, so taking part in survey provides you to be participant of lottery and have chance to win $500 Marshalls card.

What do we know about Marshalls?

Marshalls, Inc. is a low price supermarket chains which has bought by TJX Companies. First store was opened in 1956, but now there are more than 7 hundreds stores in America and some near countries. It is top 2 low price home fashion and family apparel store chains in the USA. First place is occupied by T.J. Maxx.

How to use

To do it, you should have:

  • A smartphone or PC with Internet browser.
  • A receipt, which invite you to marshallsfeedback. You can get it after ordering something in Marshalls.
  • A knowledge of specified on web page languages.
  • Citizenship of the United States or Puerto Rico.
  • A age which provides you to enter in lotteries.

Way of using marshallsfeedback:

  1. First step is entering on official marshallsfeedback website.
  2. Choose the most convenient for you language.
  3. Click on the link which would help you to check lottery rules.
  4. Here are bars, where you need to enter specified information from your receipt. Click Start and survey will begin.
  5. Answer on some not difficult questions. You should answer using your own experience after visiting Marshalls. Be sure that your answers are truthful.
  6. If you want take part in sweepstakes or get notifies about special offers, you can specify it.
  7. Enter your contact information to take part in lottery. If you are winner, Marshalls company will contact with you via electronic mail.

This survey provides Marshalls to find out what people think about it. After reading feedback, managers will do necessary changes depending on customer’s wishes and requirements. Moreover, this survey is profitable not only for company, but for clients too. Improving quality and service provides customers to get better experience after visiting stores. Don’t forget that every participant can enter in sweepstakes with valuable prize.