Whataburgersurvey — new way of keeping in touch

Have you ever visited one of the Whataburger restaurants. If your answer is affirmative, we recommend you to visit www.whataburgersurvey.com. This URL address provides you to get on whataburgersurvey service. This survey was made to collect all visitor’s feedback to increase restaurant’s service quality. There are about 750 Whataburger outlets in different parts of the country. After end of the whataburgersurvey, you will get special confirmation code, which can be used on the next visit of Whataburger restaurant.

On www.whataburgersurvey.com your opinion about restaurant and its staff will be collected to make emotions after future visit more positive. Knowledge of what customers think about company provides company managers to do necessary changes. There are a lot of aspects that influence on customer’s opinion: staff, food quality, atmosphere inside of restaurant. Moreover, this survey is useful for company’s politic. Keeping in touch with customers is the best way to find out what trends are popular now, improve customer’s loyalty, etc.

What do we know about www.whataburger.com?

You can find Whataburger restaurants in different states of the USA. It is one of the most famous burger chains in this country. Company was found by Harmon Dobson more than sixty years ago. Harmon Dobson is decisive and enterprising businessman, which provides people tasty food for great price.

Nowadays, the company’s politic still not changed. Firstly, there is only one Whataburger restaurant, but now there are a lot of restaurants, which are located in different states of the America.

To take part in www.whataburgersurvey.com, you need:

  • A personal computer or smartphone with the Internet browser
  • A cheque, which you can get it from cashier.
  • A Knowledge of available languages (English and Spanish)
  • Free time to spend it on taking part in whataburgersurvey

Way of taking part in survey:

  1. Firstly, you should visit survey web page. To do it, you need type whataburgersurvey.com in your Internet browser’s URL bar.
  2. Choose language that is more preferred for you.
  3. Here will be special bar in what you should type special code, which consists of 16 digits. It can be taken from Whataburger receipt. Then click Start. This survey code bar location can be found by clicking on the first link.
  4. If you can’t find survey code on your cheque, here is a second link. Clicking on this link provides you to get on page, where it’s necessary to specify the store number in special bar. Store number also can be taken from receipt.
  5. Here will be some questions about your last visit of Whataburger restaurant. Be sure that you answer depending on your own opinion. Your answers must be honest.
  6. If you prefer get all information about new special offers in the future, you should specify your electronic mail address.

After answering all questions, you will get special code. It can be showed to cashier to get special bonuses on the next order.