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Electronic Communications

Using means that you have done disagreements about getting messages, which will be received on your specified electronic mail. You are accepted that using your electronic mail for communication isn’t illegal and according to web service terms of use.

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You can use only in your personal purposes. You can use it in commercial purposes. All content which you can see on this website is ownership of www.Guestsatisfactionsurveys and content makers. All content from this site can’t be used by visitors in selfish goals. It’s protected by law. If you use content skirting Copyright laws, you will become violator. You can’t use some parts of this website without written agreement from owners of this service. If you want ask them about that, check contact detail in bottom of web page. You can use hyperlinks to this website on your sources, but it shouldn’t consist image of Guestsatisfactionsurveys and all what owned by this domain. Using logo of this web page is illegal to. If you violate trademark laws, you won’t be able to continue use our service. All loaded or printed out material must be utilized.

Submission of Data by User

All private information, which is used according to Privacy Policy, and other type of information, that were downloaded by user, isn’t ownership of someone and can’t be shared to third-party persons. haven’t got commitments with relation to the Communications. Using this service makes you obliged to use all materials from web page in commercial intentions or share it in international websites your own sources. You can’t post and download some illegal or pornographic content, which violate current laws, to or from site. can edit and delete this type of content, but it can’t be done always because of manual method of deleting.

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