Tellsubway — keeping in touch with customers

If you regularly visit Subway restaurants, you will be happy to hear that you can influence on your favorite food restaurant chain. To do it, you should spend about 5 minutes of your free time on taking part in tellsubway survey. It can be done here This survey was made to understand level of customer’s satisfaction. Understanding of it provides managers to do necessary changes if they are needed.

Questions in survey are consisted of main elements of every restaurant: servicing speed, quality of products, emotions after contacting with staff, accomplishment of restaurant. Subway company understands that customers, which gets negative emotions after visiting, won’t come back and order something again, so it’s necessary to make customers happy. Satisfaction of clients is reputation of company. So customers can share their opinion using tellsubway to convey all problems to managers, who will fix them. As a reward for active client’s position, participants will get code, which can be used to get free cookies in every Subway restaurant.

What do we know about Subway?

Subway is one of the most popular fast food restaurant chains around the world. Here can be bought submarine sandwiches (subs). You can note how it’s influenced on restaurant chain name. There are about 44 thousand restaurants in more than a hundred countries. The headquarter locates in Milford. This is the biggest Subway restaurant.

The most of the customers come here to buy submarine sandwiches, but subway sells not only subs. There are a lot of dishes from different cuisines and drinks.

How to use

To do it, you should have:

  • A smartphone or PC with Internet browser.
  • A receipt which you can get after ordering something in one of Subway restaurants.
  • Knowledge of English language

Way of using tellsubway:

  1. Firstly, you should enter on official website of survey.
  2. Here will be bar, where you need to type your ID number, which you can get from receipt.
  3. Here are some bars, where you need to enter specified information using receipt again.
  4. Then answer on some easy questions. All answers should based on your own experience after visiting one of the Subway restaurants. Be sure that your answers are truthful.
  5. Enter your contact information to get unique code via electronic mail. You should write or remember this code. It can be showed to cashier in Subway to get free cookies.

The subway customer survey provides managers of Subway company to understand what customers think about restaurant chain. Every feedback is important to change situation in positive side or keep all stay as it is. Free cookie is reward to for active customer position and way of company to shows respect for their clients, who took part in tellsubway.