Talktowendys — new way of cooperating with customers

The best way of understanding what customers think about restaurant chain is doing customer satisfaction survey, so Wendy’s made special service – talktowendys. Survey is researching form which provides companies to find customers opinion about their restaurants by asking some easy questions about company products and service. Making surveys is so important for every business. It provides companies to improve quality of products and service level depending on customer’s wishes. Survey would help to make customer more loyal to company products and increase revenue, because people love, when their opinion is important for someone.

Wendy’s company makes its own survey too, so every fan of Wendy’s products can help by sharing their opinion on Sharing opinion helps not only to company, but for customers too. Improving of products quality and service level provides customers to get more positive experience after visiting one of the Wendy’s restaurant. Demand of company to hear their customers shows that company cares about their visitors too. Moreover, talk to wendys is profitable for customers because of coupon code which can be got after answering a few easy questions.

What do we know about Wendy’s?

When someone talking about famous fast food restaurant chains, they remember about Wendy’s company. It was found in 1969 by Dave Thomas and got a huge success. There was period when Wendy’s was the third largest hamburger fast food chain worldwide. There were about 6,650 restaurants around the world.

This chain gives a lot of employments for workers from different countries. The most position in menu are default for fast food chain: hamburgers, fries, milkshakes, etc.

How to use wendy’s survey?

To do it, you should have:

  • Smartphone or personal computer
  • Internet connection
  • A receipt which you can get after ordering in Wendy’s restaurant

Way of taking part in survey:

  1. Firstly, you should get on official talktowendys web page using Internet browser
  2. There is a list of available languages (English, Spanish, French). Choose the most preferred for you and click Next.
  3. Taking part in wendy’s survey require from you to type code which you can get from receipt after visiting Wendy’s restaurant. This code consist of 8 digits.
  4. Type other information in specified bars and contact information. Contact information is required to send your personal validation code to activate your coupon. Then click Next.
  5. Answer on easy question which provides Wendy’s managers to understand opinion of customers about their restaurants. Don’t forget that you should answer depending on your own experience of visiting Wendy’s.
  6. In the end of survey, you can take a part in lottery, but to do it, you should enter more contact information. If you are winner, you will be notified with usage of contact information which was specified by you.