Privacy Policy

All ways how can use your data, which is taken from your actions on website, is written in this policy. You can be sure that doesn’t let your information to be in third-person hands. If you are thinking about giving us your information, which will be used for recognition you, you can give it without doubts. Information usage is regulated by privacy statement. Privacy policy of can be changed periodically, so to avoid your disagreement, we recommend you to visit this page sometimes and read privacy statement. If you aren’t agree, you can just stop to use this web page.

What type of information we can save:

  • How you were called
  • Info, that makes you easier to be contacted by us, including electronic mail.
  • Different demographic data
  • Information about taking part in surveys and other types of special offers.

Why do we need your information?

All private info, which we get from you, is needed to find out your wishes and make service more convenient for you. There are some different purposes too:

  • Accounting
  • Improving service and products quality level
  • Sending promotional offers and new goods in which you can be interested.
  • Conducting market researches to make some web page changes depending on customer’s wishes. We will contact with you by specified mobile phone or electronic mail.

Information safety

You can be sure that all your information is protected by us. There are some different procedures which prevent unwanted authorization by third-party people, so our words about information safety aren’t empty words.

What is cookies and why we need it?

Cookie is not huge file, which use your hard drive memory, if you give permission to do it. After agreement, cookie helps to explore web traffic or lets you know when you enter on a certain web page. Web page identify you by using cookies. Web page makes it convenient for your depending on your wishes and interests, which are found out by saving cookies when you visit certain websites. After using this info about you, it will be deleted from system. Cookies help service to show website in which you are interested by monitoring your interests. We can’t get accessibility to your PC using cookies and get some private info about you. If you have no wish to save cookies, you can decline agreement. Most of the browsers use cookies as default, so if you don’t want it, you should get in advanced settings and configure your browser to don’t saving cookies. You can’t use full advantages of without cookies.

URL to other web pages

On our website you can find some links on different web services. If you enter on one of these websites, we don’t guarantee your personally identifiable information and connection safety., so be sure that you visit only reliable web pages. Better to check privacy policy of website, in which you enter using link from our service.

How we control your private info?

You can limit usage of your private info. There are methods which you can use to do it:

  • Every time, when you see appeared form on website, you can decline it. It means that you don’t want to give us your personally identifiable information for promotional purposes and you won’t do it.
  • If you already accept form of usage you personally identifiable information in promotional purposes, you should write us and we would change this situation.

We can’t use your personally identifiable information in selfish goals without your permission to do it. You can get promotions about different web services, in which we think you are interested, from us if you want it. You can ask us to give your all info, which we keep about you, but you should pay not huge charge for it. If info about you isn’t correct, you can write about this mistake to us using electronic mail. After we get your mail, we will solve this problem.