How to improve pizza quality by

Every businessman knows how it’s important to get attract new customer, but saving of current customers is more important, so was made primarily for this purposes. Every company tries to invent new methods of saving fans of their production. Papa murphy’s survey was invented for keeping and attracting customers using people’s wish of sharing their opinions. Moreover, it provides managers of company to keep in touch with customers, so they can fix all problems which are specified in survey. High quality of products and high level of service provides to make visitors come back to restaurants again.

Every customer of The Papa Murphy’s pizzeria can share his opinion on Everyone can do changes in Papa Murphy’s pizzerias by answering some easy questions. This survey is profitable not only for company, but for customers too. Improving of products quality and service level makes experience after visiting more positive. Taking part in survey gives you discount code on next visiting of restaurant. If company tries to keep in touch with their customers, it will become larger, because only the best restaurants could become favorite in people’s mind. Managers of Papa Murphy’s pizza read every feedback and tries to do changes depending on customer’s wishes.

What do we know about Papa Murphy’s?

First restaurant were called as “Papa Aldo’s Pizza” in 1981, but then in 1984 chain changed name on what we are accustomed to hearing now. Nowadays, there are more than one thousand restaurants. It ranked in top 5 of the largest pizzeria chain in the United States of America. In 2006 company won Consumer’s First Choice platinum award. Papa Murphy’s pizza became the best pizza restaurants chain with health and high quality food in 2014.

In Papa Murphy’s restaurant you can meet with innovative “take-and-bake” concept. This concept makes this company unique between competitors. Every visitor has huge choice of different fresh ingredients and crusts. After choosing customer should wait some minutes and get its order.

How to use papasurvey?

To use, you should have:

  • A smartphone or PC with internet browser
  • A receipt, which invites you to papasurvey
  • Knowledge of English language
  • Ability to print your coupon

Way of taking part in survey:

    1. Firstly, you should enter on official Papa Murphy’s survey web page
    2. Here is bars, where you need to enter specified information, using receipt which you can get after visiting one of the restaurants.
    3. Then answer some not difficult questions. You should answer depending on your experience after visiting Papa Murphy’s pizzeria.
    4. If you want, you can type comment about service.
    5. Enter redemption code from receipt and get your discount coupon.

Papa Murphy’s company respects everyone who takes part in this survey by special discount coupon which can be printed and showed to cashier to get discord on order. You participation provides managers to make service better.