Mcdvoice — new way of improving quality

If you are one of people, who have active citizenship position and want to share your opinion, you will be happy to know that your opinion is so important for McDonald’s company which invented mcdvoice. On there is McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, which provides you to approve or disapprove Mcdonald’s company products. helps managers to know number of happy and unhappy customers and do some changes depending on customer’s opinion.

Meaning of feedback is so huge. It could change staff’s method of meeting with client and clients would get more positive emotions after visiting one of the restaurants. If there are a lot of unhappy customers, company will understand that something can go wrong. It means that there will be good changes. Finally, mcdvoice is useful for customers, because all changes which will be made, would make experience of visiting McDonald’s better.

What do we know about McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is one of the largest restaurant chains, which makes fast food. It was opened in 1940. Firstly, McDonald’s was a barbecue restaurant. Every day 68 million people order food in McDonald’s restaurants, which you can find in 119 countries. There are 35 thousands restaurants around the world. They are managed by people, who bought franchise, and official company managers.

There are a lot of ways which are used by McDonald’s company to get money, but customers are the most important thing for every company. Mostly people buy things like burgers, fries, milkshakes, chicken, etc. Menu of restaurants is regularly updates because food industry doesn’t stay still and there a lot of new food trends, which can be used by large companies to make people happy for their money.

How to use

To do it, you should have:

  • A smartphone or PC with internet browser.
  • A receipt after ordering with invitation to take a survey.
  • Knowledge of Spanish or English languages.

Way of taking part in survey:

  1. Firstly, you need to get using your Internet browser.
  2. Then click on language which you prefer more.
  3. To be one of the customers with active position, you should type information from receipt in special bars. To take part in survey, you must be older than 13 years.
  4. All answers should be answered depending on your latest experience of visiting on of McDonald’s restaurants, so think about day of visiting more.
  5. After finishing survey, there will be received special validation code which you can use for activation of special offer.
  6. Here will be question. Don’t forget about fourth step! Answer these questions.
  7. Type the code that is printed on your receipt, which you have got after ordering. Typing of it provides you activation of special offer, but don’t forget that this offer expires after month between getting receipt and ending its usability. Offer is limited: one offer per one person. It can’t be copied, sold, traded, or send by using PC or smartphones.

This special offer was made to encourage you wish of sharing opinion and helping McDonald’s company to increase their product’s quality. PR managers of McDonald’s company understand that customer’s, which were encouraged, will back to restaurant and order something again. Mcdvoice gives you way to share opinion and help change fast food restaurant industry.